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  • Outer Banks SPCA Donation
    Outer Banks SPCA April 6 at 1:39 PM ·  Dear Friends & Followers, We need your help! Donations to the OBX SPCA have almost all but ceased in the past few weeks. We understand that times are tough during this international crisis, but it is so important to continue to give if you have resources to […]
  • Call for Integrated Family Services
    COVID-19 UPDATE: Integrated Family Services is committed to continue providing services for our individuals served. We will follow the guidance of the NC Department of Health and Human Services concerning any decisions to change our service delivery. Due to the request of our Governor and local officials topractice social distancing as a result of COVID-19, some of […]
  • Three Tips from a Therapist for Calming Your Coronavirus Anxiety
    We do not do well with uncertainty, and it drives much of the anxiety in the world, even when we’re not facing a pandemic. In fact, I define anxiety loosely as “an unrealized fear that thrives in uncertainty and other vague circumstances.” In the face of the unknown, we speculate, we avoid, we try to control. We […]
  • Helping Others Can Help You Cope
    “‘They’re gonna come up with something’ is passive,” Post says. “Volunteering is an active form of hope.”
  • How to sew a face mask
    How to sew a face mask| DIY reusable face mask sewing tutorial | FREE mask pattern We are currently facing a situation in which we have never experienced before. Times are challenging and hospitals are experiencing severe shortages in equipment. There simply isn’t enough PPE (personal protective equipment) to go around. Medical staff are being […]
  • Community Curbside Suppers
    “The common good is about how we live together in community. It’s about the ethical ideals we strive for together, the benefits and burdens we share, the sacrifices we make for one another. It’s about the lessons we learn from one another about how to live a good and decent life”——Michael Sandel
  • How to Cooperate
    To write Prosocial, he joined forces with evolutionary biologist David Sloan Wilson and psychologist Steven Hayes to outline the conditions under which people are more willing to act cooperatively, such as a sense of common identity, the opportunity to share individual needs, and trust in the group process. If these conditions are in place, people […]