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  • Common Good of the Mask
    But America is also a nation that has sacrificed for the collective good. We are capable of holding ourselves to a higher standard and meeting it, especially in times of crises. We need to be "again touched," as Abraham Lincoln urged in his first inaugural address, "by the better angels of our nature."
  • Master Gardener Volunteer Training – Invasive Species
    Currituck Master Gardener Volunteer Training – Invasive Species — Written By Adam Formella (1 day ago) and last updated by Sherry LynnIntroduction and proliferation of invasive species costs the United States billions of dollars each year in damages. To make matters worse, invasive species put 42% of native threatened and endangered species at risk due to predation and resource […]
  • Dare County: Early adopter of NCCARE360
    Organizations can contact Patti McKenna at OBRF to learn more about getting their organization in the system.
  • Students With Disabilities In Covid
    Witnessing a violation of their child’s civil and educational rights.
  • Medicaid Expansion Vigil
    remember those lost and advocate for the 7 million Southerners who could receive coverage with Medicaid
  • Media Use by Kids
    Smartphones, tablets, and other devices also present new challenges and opportunities for parents introducing media to their kids for the first time.
  • Voting for the Common Good
    Please join me in never giving up and always seeking the common good.