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OBHOA Members to Organize Foundation To Help Others Brothers Steward Foundation

OBHOA is proud to help organize Brothers Steward Foundation for Outer Banks owners and their guests. The foundation will benefit local Outer Banks groups as well as assist worthy causes that our members choose in their home towns throughout the United State and Canada. Members can sponsor fundraising benefits or donate a vacation week, with the proceeds used to help others.

The idea for Brothers Steward Foundation came about from a single Outer Banks home. A small local group was faced with a problem. How their Outer Banks beach cottage could be used to help others locally and throughout the northeast.

It is a unique story. Father Klaus was a Catholic priest who took a vow of poverty, while he devoted his life to helping others. But his family was far from broke. He used his family’s wealth for many humanitarian acts, as with a semi-oceanfront house he owned in Southern Shores. In a fashion similar to previous gestures, Father Klaus donated the property to a church men’s group.

In a decision that brought internal controversy, the men’s group decided to sell the simple cottage. Some of the older members that had known the priest for many years were upset to tears. They felt Father Klaus had wanted them to keep his cottage. The group of 40 men were split roughly even. Half wanted to keep the beach property to be used in fund raising benefits, and special use events; while another side wanted to use the cash from its sale as a source for donations. The slight majority voted to sell. Selling was easier and more fitting to the majority. Keeping the cottage required ambitious efforts. Maintaining the beach cottage was not easy. Organizing fund raisers, scheduling those wanting to use the cottage; altogether was too daunting for the group made up of mostly retired men.

In aftermath those that had wanted to keep the cottage had struck upon a commitment to organize a foundation. A group whose core are Outer Banks owners wanting to use our beautiful area as a source to benefit others. Which brought in Outer Banks Home Owners Association. Can OBHOA help? Would OBHOA members want to participate and choose a group they wish to benefit? That may be a youth group in Richmond. Maybe cancer prevention non-profit “Relay for Life” can use a week at an Outer Banks cottage as part of their weekend fundraisers anywhere from Richmond VA, to Boston MA.

OBHOA has agreed to handle logistics, and bring together Outer Banks owners that can help. We will be having conference calls and online meeting sessions to explore the possibilities with members. The current agreement is OBHOA members will have a direct say in spending of any funds generated on behalf of OBHOA members. Email us if interested

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