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Originally published in Outer Banks Sentinel
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The Sentinel’s “Tuna Bites” feature will highlight key moments in the second season of “Wicked Tuna: Outer Banks,” which airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on the National Geographic Channel. Here are highlights from episode No. 2 on July 26.

Best line: Dave Marciano’s boat, Hard Merchandise, has had enough of the Oregon Inlet. First the vessel crashed into the Bonner Bridge, and then, on the way back for repairs, it got stuck on a shoal, which led to some scary moments. At that point, a frustrated Marciano simply blurted out: “This place sucks.”

Best fish: The crew of the Pinwheel landed the best tuna in the episode, one that weighed in at 392 pounds and fetched $28 a pound—for a total value of $10,976.  Charlie Griffin’s Reels of Fortune catch also earned $28 a pound. But it was smaller, at 309 pounds.

Weirdest moment: A strange and unexplained series of explosions on the water’s surface spooked the crew of the Pinwheel as they were fishing. That led to a lot of shouting and expletives from Tyler McLaughlin, who was heard declaring, “There’s a bomb. The ocean’s on fire,” in his distinctive falsetto.

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